Entropic Institute (deufert&plischke)

Uferstudios, Berlin // May 2012

The Entropic Institute is deufert&plischke’s most radical spatial concept to date, that calls for visitors to leave their own traces. The audience becomes an integral part of the lectures, performances, workshops and concerts, and has access to background material and collections that the artists compiled during trips to Denmark and Egypt. As always, the title is telling. Here, entropy refers to the transformative potential of content when it comes into contact with the audience.

„In the 19th century, he said, mankind had come to terms with space. For the 20th century, the challenge was the coexistence of time.“ Chris Marker// Sans Soleil

Cinema Entropica & Isola Bella were two formats presented and performed by Ana Laura Lozza and Miriam Jakob in the frame of Entropic Institut Berlin during may 2012 that deal with the conjunction of images and memory.
In Isola Bella they collected old vacation slides of unkown people as well as their own slides from different journeys and confronted them with pre-recorded quotes from Borges et a. as well as with fictious narrations. They undertake an audio-visual trip that becomes a poetic, quiet fragile process putting into question the origin of a memory.

„If the images of the present don´t change, change the past. [...] The images are less deceptive than what you see on TV. At least they profess to be what they are: images not a compact, transportable form of an already inaccessible reality.“
From the film Sans Soleil