Outside In

Outside / In Installation
    ⁃    Inzucht Festival, HZT Berlin 2011

„Sich selbst zu lieben, ist der Beginn einer lebenslangen Romanze“ (Oscar Wilde)

„Outside In“ is an site-specific audio-visual installation in cooperation with sound artist Felix Classen. It was realized in a former garage at Uferstudios and accessible just by one spectator at once. The materials used as projection surface were found outside next to the garbage: paper rolls and neon tubes. It confronts the spectator with the same visual field/image from outside the installation and finally with an encounter with oneself at the crawl space of the garage. Love declarations are welcome, the inside sound is transmitted to the outsiede, vice versa. The intimate as well as awkward situation questions the distance one takes/dwells to „oneself“.