In her works, the choreographer, performer and artist researcher Miriam Jakob concentrates on the interface between science and fiction. In installations, film- and collaborative stage works she playfully addresses questions of representation, accessibility and inter-species communication. Her choreographic language interweaves auto-biographical anecdotes and affective experiences with socio-political as well as ecological topics.

Her body of work contains Friday, 23.1.1915 [sic] „as usual, sorry that I do not always…“ (2013), How to become a journey (2013), Dynamic (2013), Travelling to the four Corners of the Earth (2014), Letters to Dance (2016), In the Shadow of Man (2017), Mit/teilen (2019), The Broken Promise (2020) and the interdisciplinary event Currents of Breath (2022).

2020/2021 she partakes in the Berlin Artistic Research Grant Programme (gkfd, Künstlerische Forschung Berliner Förderprogramm) together with Helsinki based choreographer Jana Unmüßig with the research project “Breathing With” in close collaboration with Lisa Densem.

2021 she was a scholarship holder of Villa Kamogawa, Residency in Kyōto.

2022 she continues her artistic research on Breath in the frame of Distanz-Solo with the project title “Ecologies of Breath – on the performativity of the unrepresentable”. Furthermore she starts a new interdisciplinary project on a crumbling Alpine peak “Den Berg hören – Choreografien des Zerfallens” in collaboration with Arantxa Martinez, Felix Claßen, Maximilian Haas and Susanne Schmitt which will lead to an an experimental radio play.

She graduated from the MA Choreography at the Theaterschool of Amsterdam (DAS Choreography), holds a BA in dance, context, choreography and an MA in Anthropology (FU). She is a member of the queer feminist collective ALTES Finanzemt e.V. in Berlin.