Photo: Felix Claßen

Friday 1.23.1915 [sic] “as usual, sorry that I do not always…”


A seemingly cryptic quotation from the diary entries of the Polish anthropologist Malinowski serves as a title for Miriam Jakob’s solo-performance, in which she deals with the scientific-historical as well as the private person of the researcher living at the beginning of the 20th century. While in her lecture-performance „Malinowski“ (2011) Jakob dealt with the artistic-performative implications of the scientific method of participant observation, this time the inner conflicts of the anthropologist as well as the performer come into focus.
Inspired by the scientists diaries that revealed Malinowski as a doubtful and hypochondriac person see-saw between his own expectations, self-disciplinary measures and inevitable failure, the performance will take the audience to a close up experience of voluntary imprisonment in the delusion of the jungle.

„I realized that the atmosphere was unsuitable for discussing theoretical problems“.

Malinowski, Bronislaw: A Diary in the strict sense of the Term


Concept/Performance: Miriam Jakob | Sound and Dramaturgical advice/ Scenography: Felix Claßen | Dramaturgical Advice: Antonia Baehr, Doreen Uhlig & Felix ClaßenLight Assistant: Anna Posch | A production by Miriam Jakob with the friendly support of Inter-University Centre of Dance (HZT), Berlin Premiere April 2012

Duration: ca. 50min

Further Performance: Diskurs´12 Festival for young performing arts (2012), Best of 100Grad Festvial, Hebbel am Ufer (2013), Kana Teatr, OFFenes Berlin in Stettin (2013), Pact Zollverein (2013), ARQUEOLOGIAS del FUTURO Buenos Aires (2015),  Miami – Feelings and Facts in the jungle, Uferstudios Berlin (2016)

„Out here the marvellous abysses of verdure are inaccessible, hostile, alien to man. The incomparably beautiful mangrove jungle is at close quarters an infernal, stinking, slippery swamp…

Malinowski, Bronislaw: A Diary in the strict sense of the Term

Link to full text by Christina Amrhein