Topografien des Wandels – eine choreografische Kartografie des Unsichtbaren, Take Heart Residency Pact Zollverein, together with Arantxa Martinez & Felix Claßen, april/may 2022

Breath Workshop together with Lisa Densem @ The Urge To, Altes Finanzamt – 7th-8th of may

Breathing Sideways – A participatory respiratory lecture, together with Jana Unmüßig @ International transdisciplinary symposium, Airy Encounters: Respiratory Philosophy and Sound Arts, Sibelius Academy & Suomenlinna, Helsinki – June 6th–8th, 2022

Participation in the Academy for Rhythmorphology (ARm) # 1 at Slettnes Lighthouse in Gamvik Municipality at The Nordkinn Peninsula, the northernmost tip of Norwegian mainland, 10-17th of june

“Den Berg Hören – Choreografien des Zerfallens” – ein interdisziplinäres Hörstück über einen zerfallenden Alpengipfel, Projektbeteiligte: Arantxa Martinez, Felix Claßen, Maximilian Haas und Susanne Schmitt, june – november 2022




Currents Of Breath @Radialsystem in the frame of SENSE – Geographies of Perception, in collaboration with Jana Unmüßig, Lisa Densem, Felix Claßen, Signe Lidén and Su-Mi Jang, 25.-27.2.2022


Breathing With_0, workshop at Altes Münze in the frame of Montags Modus, together with Lisa Densem and Jana Unmüßig, 20.09.2021

Online Residency @Villa Kamogawa Kyōto, Goethe Institut
May – August 2021 

meandering nearby breathing, presentation in the frame of A B O U T  D A N C E – forming futures  >>> FORUM
@ lake studios, together with Jana Unmüßig, moderation: Alex Viteri & Mårten Spångberg
2.05.2021 – 1.30pm (CET) on zoom

meandering nearby breathing, presentation in the frame of Berliner Förderprogramm für künstlerische Forschung together with Jana Unmüßig & Lisa Densem
19.04.2021 – 7pm (CET) on zoom

Stipendiatin @Berliner Förderprogramm Künstlerische Forschung
“Breathing With” – artistic research in collaboration with Jana Unmüßig
April 2020 – December 2021


SODA lectures Breathing With, together with Jana Unmüßig
9.12.2020 – 6pm (CET)

Premiere “The Broken Promise“
16.10.- 18.10.2020 – open spaces- Tanzfabrik Berlin 

Breathing With_1, together with Jana Unmüßig,
03.09.- 10.09.2020 – Tanznacht Berlin 2020

Down To Earth – A Festival as Experiment
13.07.- 16.07. 2020 – Tanzfabrik Berlin, Uferstudios

The Urge To extended – The cuckoo yodler, video-installation
10.07.- 12.07. 2020 – Festival at the collective ALTES Finanzamt e.V.

Research Showing DAS Choreography Amsterdam
Video Installation 11.01.2020  – DAS Graduate School


a work by Zeina Hanna, performance by Julia Rodriguez, Darko Dragičević & Miriam Jakob
07.10.2019  – Montags Modus, Klimata at Collegium Hungaricum

Through the Looking Glass
08.07.2019  – Montags Modus, Klimata at Collegium Hungaricum

28.02.2019  – open spaces/ tanzfabrik Berlin
4.04.- 6.04.2019  – Master Research Showing at DAS Choreography, Amsterdam
12.04.2019  – ATELIER – Platform for new art and choreography, No.62

Schülerworkshop@ Fichtelgebirge Grundschule 
22.05.- 24.05.2019 – workshop with school kids on interspecies-relations in the neighbourhood


Master programme and residency @DAS graduate school  
10.09.- 06.10.2019 – research trip to St.Louis (USA) and SenseLab Montréal


The Animal looks Back
09.10.2017 – Animalinside at Montags Modus, Collegium Hungaricum
residency & work-in-progress showing
06.12.2017  – Westgermany Berlin , hosted by Osthafen and Palais Wittgenstein: I am an animal – Concerts & Reading/ Record Release Case Van Duzer 

Tierforme/l/n, animal forms & formulas,
 Miriam Jakob & Sulgi Lie: “Animal Mimesis. Animals in the Films of Robert Bresson”
25.09. – 01.10.2017 – Sophiensaele, a Tanzfonds Erbe Project 

In the Shadow of Man
04./05.03.2017, ausland Berlin, in Collaboration with Varinia Canto Vila and Felix Classen
03. – 14.07.2017, Residency at BUDA Kortrijk
15.-26.06.2017, Residency at Pact Zollverein 


Der traumhafte Weg/ The dreamed path 
09.-11.08.2016, Premiere @Locarno Festival
01.12.2016, Around the world in 14 films, Berlin 
Regie: Angela Schanelec | Besetzung: Miriam Jakob, Thorbjörn Björnsson, Maren Eggert, Phil Hayes, Anaia Zapp, Alan Williams, Petra Trenkel

Just in Time – a project by Deufert & Plischke
28.08.2016 Letters to Dance, Tanznacht Berlin Gefährten, Uferstudios Berlin  
04.11.2016 Abschlussball @Puttensaal der Bibliothek am Luisenbad  Konzept, Realisation:  deufert&plischke | Mit: Kareth Schaffer, Lee Meír, Miriam Jakob | Musik: Alain Franco 

Friday 1.23.1915 [sic] “as usual, sorry that I do not always…” 
16.03.2016 at Miami – Fellings and Facts in the jungle, Studio 14, Uferstudios Berlin 


“Travelling to the four Corners of the Earth” 
6./7./8./9. of november 2014, in the frame of Open Spaces #2
Choreography: Miriam Jakob | Performance: Maija Karhunen, Miriam Jakob, Nir Vidan |  Sound: Felix Classen

“No man´s time” – deufert&plischke 
17.,18.,19. of july 2014, in the frame of Open Spaces #1 
Choreography,Text: Rosalind Goldberg, Ana Laura Lozza, Lee Meir, Miriam Jakob, Flavio Ribeiro, Kareth Schaffer


Silently the birds fly through us 
08./09.12.2013, Choreography by Lisa Densem, in the frame of SODA works 2013, HZT Uferstudios Berlin

Friday 1.23.1915 [sic] “as usual, sorry that I do not always…“ 
22. of february 2013, 100Grad Festival, Hau 1, Berlin 16. &
17. of march 2013, HAU 1 Berlin – Best of 100Grad, link to HAU-website 
25. of october 2013 Kana Teatr, OFFenes Berlin, Stettin 
6. of december 2013 PACT Zollverein, Atelier, Essen 

Dynamic – Solo-Adaption SPCP Deborah Hay 
20./21. of april 2013, BA Festival HZT Berlin, 8-9pm, Studio 11 
with Cinira Macedo & Claudia Tomasi, work-in-progress
31.may/1. june 2013 Tanzquartier Wien ,
Premiere 5. of september 2013 Het Veem Theater Amsterdam, BER-AMS-BXL 

How to become a journey
18./19. of april 2013 BA Festival HZT Berlin, Studio 14
31. of august 2013 Ausufern, Uferstudios Berlin4. of september 2013 Het Veem Theater Amsterdam

27. of june 2013 ITs Festival Amsterdam 


Friday 1.23.1915 [sic] “as usual, sorry that I do not always…” 
10.-14. october 2012, Diskurs´12 Festival for young performing arts, Gießen 
april 2012,  “why not July” Festival at HZT, Berlin